Red is the rose that grows and grows.

Sleeps in the Winter deep in slumber

Blossoms in Summer when Sun rises over


Green is the moss like a blanket so soft.

It covers the rocks keeping Earth warm

Clings quiet and peaceful waiting for morn


Blue is the water reflecting the sky.

A billowing quilt that rolls endlessly

Beyond the horizon where sun enters sea


Bright are the stars that hang in the dark.

Tales of our past gently whisper their light

Singing worlds softly to sleep in the night.


And black is that night wrapping you tight.

Not empty and endless as first seems to be

But filled with happy dreams of you and me


There is magic in colours dancing through air.

They carry you places you can fly free

Be whatever you wish and tomorrow we’ll see


Hawk Unawares

I fixed my gaze upon my prey

Circling left through clouds of grey.

Within the moment I’d swooped down,

I heard a sound at which I frowned.

Turning my head his gaze I caught

So that’s first class, my last ever thought.


At Water’s Edge

Her breath is slow and deep

As it glides its wondrous whispers

Across the heavy motion

Of a sensuous sea.

Unknown depths,

Her air is gentle and warm.

His surface ripples in

Ready response, yet

Remains impenetrable.

Frustration grips.

Temptation tempts tackle.

Pace quickens,

She clings and claws,

Lifting him higher

And higher, wave after

Wave. He washes and crashes

Against the shore.

Locked in futile war within

And battles between their

Ever decreasing circle.


Velvet Curtains

Soft and heavy it hangs. The fabricated evidence.

Shielding innocence from guilt, keeping those in darkness

Who seek to discover their shambled truth.

Through the crack of that boarded up window,

Hidden by Velvet Curtains.

The Feeble Wind that occasionally

Blows leaves its mark.

Dragged around that trampled floor

The edge is frayed.

And the wind gathers strength.


Ailsa’s Craig

Standing proud, set alone

While in the distance, a bagpipe drones.

He feels the gentle ebb of waves

Lapping the shores of his time, shaping his caves.


The pebbles on his beach, offsprings of his thought

Of the ages spent learning and all he’s been taught.

On wings circling his history, mighty, proud

Bear home across the sea, wrapped in gentle shroud.


Leaping, diving, twisting, turning

Dancing on air as beneath the waters are burning

Fragments of thought he scatters on the breeze

Before uniting together, bound, yet free.


Seeking to find, passing on what he knows.

The time gone so quickly and the river forever flows.

With strength, faith and passion locked in his heart

Distance between mountains shall never keep souls apart.




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