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Rules: list the first lines of your last ten published stories. if there are any patterns yourself, and see if anyone else notices any! tag up to ten friends!

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“I am in need of a navigator, someone as familiar with the map of the skies as I with temper of the sea, and you, Sir, come highly recommended.” – Operation Deep Blue.

The attraction was immediate, and Bond, despite his obvious leanings in the direction of the female form could not deny the pull on his instincts towards this particular version of the human body and the mind housed within. – Brave New….Something.

At the knock on his hotel room door, Bond ceased his carpet-wearing pace and strode in quick long steps. – The Turkish Delight Affair

“Call me that again…” James’ voice rough with pleasure. – The Fallen

“Professor Bond, you know there’s no one more qualified than I to undertake the position.” – Interview To A Kill

Christmas Day, 12 hours since Q’s flat rejection of Bond’s proposal. – Twelve Days To Win Your Lover

“I don’t do Christmas, Moneypenny. This time of year is for children and adults with children of which I am neither.” – Qasino Royale

“Jonathan Fitzsimmons,” extending his hand. “People call me Jay.” – An Exchange of Power

Q was asleep on the couch in his office. – You Decide

“Bloody hell, I hate these things.” – The Russian Connection

So…. In conclusion, the only thread of commonality I can see running throughout is my OTP!

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