Let The Right Agent In

“Invite me in, Q.”

Now Q is a pragmatist. It may be Halloween but he’s not superstitious. Bond may have gone AWOL on his last mission for longer than usual in Romania but Q doesn’t believe in old wives tales and stories told in the dark to scare little children into listening to their parents. Q did however, notice that the agent was looking paler than usual and he didn’t seem to be… breathing…

“I thought resurrection was your speciality?” he said.

Bond smiled. Pointedly.

“Invite me in and I’ll show you what it means to rise again, my Quartermaster…”

“Who wants to live forever?” whispered Q against pale skin, paler even than his own, almost luminous in the moonlight flooding through his bedroom window.

“Think of all we could do together, you and I,” James replied, gripping the frame of the headboard. He promised he wouldn’t touch and he intended to earn Q’s complete trust by honouring that promise.

“Your scars…” Q murmured, running his fingertips lightly across his chest and down towards his navel to circle once damaged flesh.

“All gone,” James answered. “But I wear the ones inside still. And I want to share them with you.”

Q was intrigued.

“Agents don’t open themselves to that kind of manipulation. You’re vulnerable enough as a body. Why would you compromise yourself emotionally?”

Bond risked releasing a hand from the bedframe. He reached for the mop of hair atop the head resting on his belly, watching him carefully in that moment. 

He caressed. Q sighed.


“Mallory didn’t tell you did he. The mission to Romania was rescue and retrieval of a former MI6 asset.”

Before Q could respond, something fluttered through the bedroom window. 

He felt his heart still as the shadows took shape.

“Oh God…”

“Alec. Please…”

Dark. Everything is dark without light. It is our natural state. The Sun instills life. It’s only natural that the dead thrive in darkness. 

It occurs to Q, although he breathes air, his heart beats, his soul still resides in his body, he resides in the darkness too. 

These men who are men no more, Q now feels compelled to join them in their own self-imposed darkness. To better understand what it means to exist beyond the light and wield the undead on their own terms.

James kiss is hot. Alec’s look is cold. 

Somewhere in between, Q survives.

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