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“My mother told
me once that necromancy was in her family, but that I went about it very
differently from any relatives she knew to possess it.”

Q gave
James a wry smile over the expanse of his worktop. “You certainly go about it
very differently from every other documented necromancer.”

“What about

“I don’t go
about necromancy at all. I’m an elemental, if you recall.” Q smirked, sending a
metal screw to orbit around James’ head.

What she had in store even took a young but seasoned sea pup by surprise. The bar was heaving with life; men and women (though mostly men of course) drinking themselves into the required oblivion to best deal with the “well, this is what we do now that the higher-ups have decided we’re all friends” circumstances in which they now found themselves.

James sat quietly in a booth, sipping a vodka while assessing the situation, getting a read on some of the more interesting patrons. He didn’t notice the head that had popped up over the partition opposite until it spoke.

“ Konechno, ne pit’ v odinochku v takoy znamenatel’nyy den’?”

James looked up at the source of the question. He was greeted by the face of a striking looking young man, probably about 4-5 years younger than James, beaming smile, strong jaw, clean-shaven with floppy dirty blond mess of hair.

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