A Personal Statement

The attraction was immediate, and Bond, despite his obvious leanings in the direction of the female form could not deny the pull on his instincts towards this particular version of the human body and the mind housed within.

And to go from the frequent scolding of which he’d been on the receiving end for many a mission to this…

“I have a reward system in place for agents who return their equipment intact and…” at this point the young boffin had tipped his face forward to give Bond his best schoolmaster look, “fully functional.”

“The reward or the equipment?” Bond had asked.

“Finding that out is part of the reward,” Q replied, rising from the bench in front of Turner’s Temeraire. Bond watched him go, wondering what brave new world awaited him on his return from Shanghai.

And as Bond wrestled the Walther from the dying hand of his assailant trapped in the jaws of Komodo death, he realised how far he would travel this brave new world to unearth and explore the treasures now occupying Q Branch.

Giving a damn might reap its own rewards, the fading screams of his enemy replaced with the image of his beast devouring the offering he was sure awaited.

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