Blind Scars V

And despite being blindfolded, straddling the agent, when Q felt the grip on his thighs inadvertently tighten, he knew he had regained and Bond had relinquished some control of the situation.

“It’s the speed I fell in love with,” Q whispered, his fingers gliding along Bond’s forearms in retreat towards his own body. “All that energy contained in metal and chrome, oiled to enhance performance, vibrating with barely restrained power under my control…”

His hands were on his chest now, touching himself. Bond was unusually silent and Q could feel the burn of his gaze. “And as for the leather…” Q gusted, heat lacing the words.

Bond broke. He rolled Q onto his back and thrust against him, breath hot against his neck. “I’m suddenly very jealous that something more powerful than me gets to be wrapped between your thighs.”

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